Friday, February 17, 2006

Ode a Poesia

Ode a Poesia

Há muitos anos eu escrevia poesia, escrevia qualquer forma de rima que viesse a minha cabeça e poderia passar horas contando as sílabas para ver se conseguia seguir uma lógica numérica.

Não tenho mais tempo de passar tantas horas debruçada sobre uma folha de papel escrevendo, rabiscando e recitando, mas ainda consigo encontrar na poesia inspirações para fazer coisas pequenas ou grandiosas.

Não canso de ler poesia. Não canso de ouvir música. Não escrevo mais com grafite, com palavras, mas acho que ainda componho com cores, com formas e com melodias sem letras.

Como toda arte, a poesia é uma forma de exteriorizar os sentimentos do artista. Enquanto acreditar na arte, vou continuar a ler palavras e compor imagens.

See You Again

I never saw it coming
Blinded from the light
And now it?s fading away
But I?m not going without a fight

I know that you?ve chosen
And that choice wasn?t me
But I still can?t forget
My heart will still bleed

When did it happen
I fell in love with you
My mind never noticed
What my spirit already knew

I?m nothing like her
I never will be
But there?s just one feeling
That she shares with me

So I?ll swallow my pride
I?ll count to ten?
I?ll follow the light, and
Maybe one day
I?ll see you again

Too Long

It?s taken much too long
To get it right
Would it be so wrong
To maybe find someone
A miracle?

And all you really need
Is everything you could never be
And so you?d give it all
For a miracle

Isthere a trace
Inside his face
Of a lonely miracle

And so you wait
And lay awake


It hurts deep inside my heart
I knew I?ve chosen to be apart
I suffered when I tried to forget
And I feel nothing but regret

When I realized I wished to die
My feelings at that moment were a lie
I?ve never meant to let you go
And I found out that you didn?t know

If we had shared the truth together
I know that my life would be better
It hurted when I said goodbye
And I saw you want to lie down and die

But when I turned my back on you
I heard my heart say what I already knew
And you got over my departure
You chose her while I chose my future

I loved you and I still do
But those years that passed through
Just can?t go back in time
And I can?t say that I?m fine

Now I can?t go back and say I?m sorry
You have her and all her glory
And I have my money and fame
While my heart suffer with shame.

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