Friday, April 27, 2007

Unexpected Pet

Just as the title says I've got a new pet. Since my squirel died two years ago I decided that I no longer wanted to have pets for two reasons: first, I'm leaving Brazil soon and I can't take the pet with me; second, I suffer terribly when they die.

Then last Friday I was home working when my dad called me and asked me to go to some address and pick something up for him.... something very expensive so I had to take my credit card with me.

When I arrived I realized it was a kennel. The woman who worked there already knew what it was about and put on my lap the cutest, tiniest furball I've ever seen. It's a baby micro-yorkie. She's just fifty days old and had just gotten separated from her mommy and brothers.

She's just 9 inches!

Her name is Mel (means 'honey' in portuguese) and she already picked me as her favorite human in the house. Yeah!

I've already taken some pictures of her.