Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Face the Future

I knew I would find something interesting to put here instead of nagging about things I can't change. Today I was reading the news on Corriere Della Sera (that's how I keep my Italian sharp)and I found a very interesting research by the university of St Andrews.

They are studying transformations of people's faces and they uploaded some demos software in the website www.faceofthefurute.org.uk for everybody see how it works. I already toyed with some pictures I have here and the results were extremely funny. You can see how you would look like if you were a baby, a child, an old adult, African, Chinese or a Botticelli panting! Not everything worked for my photo, but what I got is enough for now.

My original picture is:

And the Transformations:

You know what? If I was a guy I'd be totally hot... and probably gay.

I'd say caveman, but...

And the scariest of them all:

Thank goodness for the Botox!


ZaLoRzXTiaN14 said...

hi vivi! long time no uh..chat? (smiles).. this is alora.. finally, i made an account in fanfiction.. uh, please do chapter 6 of the noir style... a lot of people are waiting for it..

Pater Deliciosus said...

Jane Austen, Dostoevsky, Stendhal. AND Harry Potter. You read the same books as me, it's amazing! I read Nietzsche too, but it doesn't make me a pessimist. Cheers!

Louco said...

Agh, I'm still having nightmares with the changes you did to your pic... ><' Never ever again do that...

BTW, where are you, critter? You've disappeared!!! Are you okay, dear lil' sis?

Send a message in a bottle or stuff, okay? I'll be waiting.

See ya