Wednesday, June 25, 2008


All right. Since I need a subject to keep this blog up (only my dark and futile thoughts aren't enough, I know) and I want to work on a new portfolio I will start posting a weekly comic strip about the whole process of getting a boob job and the funny consequences of it.

While don't have anymore news I'll just leave the new pictures of my dog Annabel Lee that was taken with a new mobile phone. I just wanted to test the camera, but the pictures looked so cute that I can't waste them.

Here you go:

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Louco said...

Better later than never , I always say. Hi there, nee-chan! I'm baaaaaaaack!^^

Do whatever you please to feel better, child. Do take general anesthesia. Cut your boobs out, stuff some jelly inside them both, ignore others' oppinion. When it comes down to you, YOU'RE the one behind the wheel, uh?

I'm really glad to hear that you've done as you wanted the way you wanted, and the results were into your expectations. Congrats for the new boobs (and the joke ^^ 'Netherlands', honestly...)

Take care of yourself, child, and try not to get worse now that you are all booby. See ya!

Kisses and hugs by otouto