Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bill Plympton

Yes, the name is corret. He worked on this animation back in 1998. I love it!

The Exciting Life of a Tree

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louco said...

Woo-hoooo! I did it!!

Hey lil' sis, wussup?? Otouto is baaaaaaaack!!

Creature, you'd not believe it! How hard it was to get into your blog again!! No, as a matter of fact, it was not 'that' difficult. The hardest part was to get into your comments list; something wrong with the phone cables around here, I guess, the same thing that messed up all phone calls we had.

But looks like it's fixed now, and I can come back and post properly. Sorry for being absent for so long... but, hey, you got my e-mail answer, didn't you ?

I've sent it for about three weeks now. If you didn't get do tell me, so I can do it again. Phone connection seems to be working properly now.

See ya, girl! Kisses and hugs from otouto... hey, and are you watching the new 'Batman' movie with us this Sunday?