Monday, August 25, 2008

Old Family Pictures

I was at my Grandma's today and she gave me a bunch of pics to see. I decided to scan them since they're totally awesome.

My baby Grandma

Again, baby grandma. She was so cute.

Grandma (Fátima) and her little sister Albertina

That's the girl class in which my grandma used to study. She's the one with the biggest ribbon on top of her head.

This is the most precious I've seen. From left to right: my grandma's sister Silvia, my Grandma Fatima, her little brother Antonio and her sister Albertina.

My grandma and her friends from work.

Just my grandma as a teen.

Again, grandma and the same friends.

This is her sister Albertina, already in her late teens.

My grandma looking like a 40's movie diva.

Again, grandma at her twenty-two years old looking fabulous.

That's her mother, my great-grandma Rosa. She passed away ten years ago.

Once again my great-grandma who looks awesome as well.

That's my great-grandma Rosa and my great-grampa José a few months before he died. He's was born in Portugal and left me everything I needed to get my european citizenship.

Those are my grandma's oldest kids, my uncle Ailton and my dad (Celso)

Those are her youngests my aunt Sandra and my aunt Miriam.

That's my aunt Miriam dressed her her mother when she was younger.

I love those old pictures.


Louco said...

So, I guess the morals here would be; you'll always love your family, even if only in pictures... ^^

By the way, your granny rocked! And, allow me to add, you're pretty much like she was ~_^

You've been missed, young lady! Take care of yourself.

Kisses by otouto

Ranjeet Kr. Vimal said...

awesome collection :)