Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Princess and the Frog

I've been excited about this film since I played with the colors in some scenes a while ago during the production.

I'm not interested in Tiana at all, but Louis, the crocodile that plays the trumpet is totally awesome!

The official teaser:

My hopes are high for this one.


Louco said...

A trumpet playing crocodile... whew...

You know, these things don't work properly around here yet, so I'm sorry, but I can't comment it for now. If you'd care for sending some preview of it in written form, though...

The answer is not ready yet, but I'm making an effort. I ask you for some patience, since my days are not carefree anymore. I expect I can finish it this weekend.

See ya, lil sis. Take care of yourself. ^^

Kisses from otouto

louco said...

Hey Miki, guess what!? Otouto has got new broadband!

Yep, You'll find me easier now, as long as I'm home, in that msn infernal stuff ^^ I hope...

Better times to find me... well, let me see how available I shall be in next days, and then we may try and meet each other there! See ya young lady!

louco said...

By the way, that was a pretty good teaser! Was it really done by you? So, my most sincere congrats; it's a professional job, no matter if people will say or not. Pretty funny as well ^^

(and, sorry, but I didn't see any crocodile, but I did see a pretty princess that reminded me of Jasmine, so I'll really go for her instead of the reptile; h ope you'll understand it ^^)