Saturday, September 06, 2008

Animation Again

More stuff I've been doing to practice.


Louco said...

Hola nee-chan! Otouto's back!!!

Yep, I've finally finished the most recent answer to your last e-mail! This week was kinda punk, so I've been busy (besides, there was another friend's e-mail that arrived just before yours, and I tried to answer both at same time. Not that hard, but it took a little longer)

Now it's my turn to wait ^_^ v See ya! Kisses by otouto

louco said...

Hey, it's me again!

Just tellin that I'm in that msn thing, at last, thanks to my sis who was around and in a good mood ^^

You know my address, it's still the same! Come and see me one of these days ~_^

See ya! Kiss, little creature!

Louco said...

Yep, here I am again... See, I'm not in a favorable position to complain about that, but... don't you ever come back to your blog, child?

I've been to msn these days, had an interesting chat with Mano Tat and all. And I'm still waiting for your e-mail ^^

See yha, busy creature. Otouto is leaving the building, 'cause tomorrow we'll rock again by the morning. Kisses and hugs!