Friday, December 05, 2008

That's what Happens when you Fall down the Stairs

No more skirts for me.

PS- Yes, I've gone to the doctor.

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Louco said...

I guess you said 'purple', but it seems kind yellowish to me ^^'

Dearest nee-chan, didn't you know you should call your stunts for this kind of scene? What, in God's holy name, were you thinking about when deciding on such a dive downhill?

And, yep, I'm taking care of the e-mail. I shall work on it more frequently now, since my classes are basically over. Wait for the answer soon.

Take care of yourself, stop trying to fly (I'd imagine you had overgrown the 'I'm a superhero' age, Miki...) and recover soon! I'll send the answer in a close future, and I sincerely hope it'll find you in better conditions.

Kisses and hugs, lil' sis!