Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bathing Day... as told by Annabel Lee

"Uh-Oh, I know that look... It's bathing day."

"Yeah, right. Take a good look at your victim."

"Oh man... don't put me in there!"

"That's totally dog abuse."

"Think fast! How do I convince her to let me go?"

"Okay, trying my best lost puppy face... with a smile."

"Damn, it never works. And I hate that shampoo! It takes yucky!"

"See what you've done? You're evil! evil!"

"Yeah, go on, try to fix it."

"I'm going to look horrible and you know it."

"Told you so. hunf"

"Go ahead and fix it! Now!"

"At least now I can see your face."

"Is it shiny enough for you now? uh? Will you leave me alone... uh-oh, right. There's one more thing."

"The stupid ribbon."

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